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Welcome to Lachrymatory.com, the Tear Bottle information site. I have been researching lachrymatories for a couple of years and am building this site to share some of the information I've found. If you have a passion for the history and emotional power of Tear Bottles, I think you'll enjoy the materials here.

This site contains information on the rich history, art of collecting, and finally, links to other sites on the web with additional information. If you are interested in the lachrymatory legend, you've come to the right place. For a brief introduction to Tear Bottles and their remarkable history, start your tour on the history page.

I'm still gathering additional images of historical and contemporary tear bottles, so the site will continue to grow for some time. If you know of resources that should be mentioned here, or have information, stories, or images that you think might be of interest to others, please send a note to me at webmaster@lachrymatory.com.

Image courtesy of Timeless Traditions, Inc.

Please understand that I've worked hard to provide complete, objective and accurate information on this site. Whenever possible, I have provided links to other sources of information to aid in your own research. However, there is no warranty or guarantee of the accuracy or completeness of any information on this site or any site that we link to. Research any information presented here thoroughly before taking any action that relies upon it.

Tear Bottle History Collecting Links

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