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The Roman Period
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The U.S. Civil War
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The U.S. Civil War

The U.S. Civil War brought new levels of sorrow to the Victorian era. For example, on June 3, 1864, one of the bloodiest days in the war, nearly 16,000 casualties were reported. In the battle at Cold Harbor, General Ulysses Grant's troops assaulted those of General Robert E. Lee. Battles pitted family, friends, and neighbors against one another. Throughout this period of American history, Victorian traditions of mourning and loss were both helpful for healing and nearly impossible for many to closely follow.

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Stories of soldiers leaving their wives or new brides with a tear bottle can be found in literature of the day. Some husbands are said to have hoped that the bottles would be full upon their return, as an indication of their wives devotion. Sadly, many of these men never made it back home.

Historical references also indicate that tears were saved as a remembrance of loved ones or to pass along to future generations.

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